Frequently Asked Questions


Is a Neptune Membership ideal for me?

If you or someone in your company travels to Billings at least once per month, you need a Neptune Membership. Traveling with Neptune eliminates the pain, hassle, and wasted time that accompany your current travel options to Billings. No need to waste valuable work/play time stuck driving across the state or flying to Seattle just to get to Billings.

How does a Neptune Membership work?

It’s really very simple. You choose the membership level that works best for your travel needs to Billings. Neptune Membership levels include options with 1 roundtrip per month, 2 roundtrips per month, or 4 roundtrips per month. When you become a member, you can start making your travel plans (and plans for your saved time).

Am I able to cancel my Membership at any time?

Following the introductory 90-day membership period, you may cancel your Membership with 30 days’ notice by phone, email, or in person.

If I cancel my Membership, will my Annual Fee be refunded?

No, the annual fee is used to cover the cost of Security, Background Checks, and Membership processing.

Are there any hidden fees?

None. Your monthly Membership fee covers everything — flights, luggage, and reservation changes. No hidden fees will be added to your dues.

Our Members join Neptune Charters because they need convenience and flexibility when they travel. Members who need to cancel or change a flight are encouraged to alert Neptune Charters early, so that other members have the opportunity to take advantage of the unneeded flight, but there is no cost for doing so. There are no luggage fees, and Members are able to bring 35 lbs. of luggage on each flight.

How is a Membership different from flying private or charter aircraft?

Neptune Charters provides scheduled flights from Missoula to Billings. Our Members can choose when they want to travel, but unlike traditional charter, you won’t be able to tell us exactly when the flights should operate. On the other hand, private and charter aircraft require advance planning and booking — all with a very hefty price tag. With your Membership you receive the private aircraft experience at an accessible cost.

What makes a Membership different from flying with commercial airlines?

Our goal is to offer convenient flights to Rocky Mountain communities that are underserved by commercial airlines. These days, flying commercial air is an inconvenient, cramped, and stripped-down experience — half DMV, half public bus.

For our Members, we want to improve your travel experience. Every flight is business-class, lines are a thing of the past, and there are no early-boarding fees, booking fees, bag fees or other surprise fees. It’s time to enjoy air travel again.

What makes a Neptune Charter Membership preferable to driving?

The reality of commercial air travel is that, thanks to connections and airport security measures, it is often faster to simply drive to your destination. The only real question is whether you prefer to spend 5-10 hours flying commercial or driving in your car. Neptune Charters offers Members a real, faster alternative to either mode of travel.

On paper, driving will always be cheaper than flying. But if your time and the time of your team members is valuable: Neptune Charters you will get there and back in the same day.


How do I reserve my seat for a flight, and how far in advance can I book it?

The reservation process is simple and easy — flights can be booked with a phone call or through our online reservation system. The whole process is quick! Seats may be reserved as early as 12 weeks in advance, and depending on availability, as late a day before a flight.

How many flight seats can I save at one time?

You can book 1, 2, or 4 round trip reservations at any time (based on your membership level). If you want to book trips in advance for future months, you can do that as well.

How do I bring a companion on the flight?

We encourage our Neptune Members to share their experience with friends, family, and co-workers by using our companion passenger system. If seats are not booked 48-hours before a scheduled departure, Members will be alerted that additional passengers are welcome on that flight. Seats will be made available to Members on a first-come, first-served basis 48-hours before the flight’s scheduled departure. Members will be charged $750 for each additional passenger.

Will extra seats be made available to the general public?

Yes, a non-member can purchase a roundtrip ticket for $750. But with limited flights per month and limited seats on each flight, Members and their guest are the priority.

What if the flight I want is booked?

You may add yourself to a “wait-list” for booked flights in case there are changes and the flight opens up. We will honor the order of our members on the wait-list, and once a seat becomes available you will be notified and given the opportunity to claim it. Of course you can always book in advance to secure the reservation day and time you want.

Can I “roll-over” a flight to the next month if I don’t use my flight in a given month?

No, based on the limited number of seats available each month, you must “use it or lose it.” Neptune needs to be extremely protective of our members’ ability to fly every month without getting “bumped” from a month. The limited seats available each month for the Missoula to Billings’ flights won’t allow us to accommodate “roll-over” requests.

How do I cancel a reservation, and what happens if I miss my flight?

Flights can be easily changed the same way they are booked — by phone or online. Just cancel the flight you no longer need, and book a new one! If you know you will not be able to make a flight, we encourage you to cancel a week in advance to open up that seat for another member to be able to fly.

If you miss a flight, it will count as your roundtrip for the month. If you miss a return flight, you will need to make arrangements for travel back to Missoula.



What is the Member’s experience at the airport?

Ideally, you won’t be spending much time at the airport — our goal at Neptune Charters is to eliminate the waiting and have you flying within minutes of your arrival. You will fly out of private Hangars in both Missoula & Billings. So there is no TSA, lines, and long check in process. However, our private Hangars are outfitted with Wi-Fi, snacks, beverages, bathrooms, a comfortable lobby, plenty of outlets to charge your electronic devices, and free parking. We want you to be comfortable and always travel better.

What is a typical schedule?

We suggest that you arrive 30 minutes before departure. Here is a typical day:

7:00 – 7:30am            Meet at Neptune Charters/Northstar Jet Hangar

7:45am                        Depart Missoula

9:00am                        Arrive Billings (Edwards Jet Center Hangar)

4:00 – 4:30pm            Meet at the Billings Edward Jet Center Hangar

4:45pm                        Depart Billings

6:15pm                        Arrive Missoula at the Neptune Charters/Northstar Jet Hangar

What days are roundtrips offered to Neptune Members?

Roundtrips to Billings are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In the event of a holiday, flights will be moved to the business day before the holiday (the Wednesday before Thanksgiving as an example).

What if I need to spend a couple of nights in Billings?

Most of our members will fly there and back in the same day. We will have limited seating for Missoula passengers wanting to leave on Tuesday and return on Thursday. Contact us for availability.

How do I arrange transportation in Billings for my day?

Neptune Charters is working with the Edwards Jet Center in Billings to insure that your day goes smoothly. Rental Cars are available at Edwards with a reservation (no need to go to the terminal!). Transportation to the terminal is available. Limousine and Taxi service is also available.

What if my flight gets cancelled due to weather?

It’s been said that if you don’t like the weather in Montana, just wait an hour. As part of our commitment to your safety, Neptune Charters may sometimes postpone or cancel flights if conditions make flying inadvisable. And although we will do our best to make right any cancellations or delays, it is impossible to guarantee that all flights will occur as planned.

The Aircraft Experience

Who flies the aircraft?

Neptune Charters, maintains operational control of every aspect of their planes including the pilots. Neptune Charters employs the highest quality of professional pilots. All crewmembers undergo extensive checks and training several times per year to insure proficiency and competency. Their Flight Crews minimums uphold a very high level of safety standards, far exceeding Federal Aviation Regulations. Flights are operated by Neptune Aviation.

  • Established team of full-time professional pilots
  • FAA Airline Transport Pilot qualified Captains with airline/corporate flight experience
  • Bi-Annual pilot simulator training
  • Company operational practices & procedures that parallel major airline standards
  • Accident-free history

What type of aircraft does Neptune Charters use?

A spacious, Beechcraft King Air 100 is used for our Membership program. Neptune Charters has additional aircraft that are available for traditional charters.

Is there a restroom on the aircraft?

Yes. There is a small private restroom on each of our aircraft. Candidly, on an aircraft this size we recommend you use the restroom at the airport prior to departure or upon arrival.

Are the aircraft loud?

Our aircraft are quieter than many private jets; ensuring a comfortable flight where you can work, sleep, or relax in peace.

How many bags can I bring?

Members may bring up to 35 pounds of luggage, including a bag and a personal item.

Is there Wi-Fi on the aircraft?

Not at this time. We encourage you to take the time to read, relax, sleep, or get to know the other passengers aboard your short flight.

Safety / Security

How safe are the aircraft?

Your safety and comfort is the highest priority of Neptune Aviation. Each and every flight is carefully planned, reviewed, and dispatched to insure all aspects, from aircraft maintenance readiness to crew scheduling, are 100% safety compliant.

This dedication enables you to concentrate on your time and company without the additional concern of your flight experience.

What security measures do you use?

We conduct security and background checks on all of our members and guests as part of your membership application and before every flight.

Growth & Expansion

What comes next?

Neptune Members will help decide what comes next. Is there a need for flights to Billings on additional days? Do members need an option for flights to Boise? Are there other cities that make sense to fly to? What about overnight options?

All great questions and Neptune Members will help chart the future.

Neptune’s core values are Embracing Family, a Firm Handshake, and a Resilient Spirit. It’s our hope the Neptune Members will embrace these core values as part of this community, help us improve air travel in Montana.