Missoula to Billings

Travel from Missoula to Billings just got easier. If you or someone in your company travels to Billings at least once per month, a Neptune Membership is perfect for you.

Traveling with Neptune eliminates the pain, hassle, and wasted time that accompany your current travel options to Billings. No need to waste valuable work/play time stuck driving across the state or flying to Seattle just to get to Billings.

A Neptune Membership is simple. You choose the membership level that works best for your travel needs to Billings. Neptune Membership levels include options with 1 roundtrip per month, 2 roundtrips per month, or 4 roundtrips per month.

Neptune Members can fly roundtrip to/from Billings on the same day. For those needing a little extra time in Billings, you can fly there on Tuesday morning and back on Thursday afternoon.

We offer Billings’ flights every Tuesday and Thursday. Get your work done in Billings and be home for dinner.

Typical Schedule

7:15 – 7:30am Meet at Neptune Charters/Northstar Jet Hangar
7:45am Depart Missoula
9:00am Arrive Billings (Edwards Jet Center Hangar)
4:15 – 4:30pm Meet at the Billings Edward Jet Center Hangar
4:45pm Depart Billings
6:15pm Arrive Missoula at the Neptune Charters/Northstar Jet Hangar

Please see the FAQ Section for a full description of the program. If you have questions that are still not answered, you can call us at 406-542-9255 or email: [email protected] To join, click here.